What to Expect During IV Sedation

What to Expect During IV Sedation

Read on so you can relax about your procedure in Lafayette or Carencro, LA

IV sedation involves administering a drug directly into the bloodstream. A dentist can choose from a variety of drugs depending on the patient and the procedure involved.

At Fontenot Family Dentistry, we know that not everyone is fond of needles. We’ll ease your worries by explaining the process to you and providing whatever emotional support you need. Once we’ve administered the IV, we’ll start your procedure. You’ll be done and out of our office before you know it.

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What are the benefits of IV sedation?

Fontenot Family Dentistry recommends this method of sedation, because it:

  • Allows you to relax during your operation
  • Can be tailored to your needs
  • Works quickly
  • Minimizes your gag reflex

Whether you need relief from a toothache or are getting a root canal done, you can trust our dentists to calm your nerves and perform your procedure as quickly as possible.

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