Nitrous Oxide Sedation:

Nitrous oxide sedation is another sedation method offered at Fontenot Family Dentistry. Like oral sedation, nitrous oxide sedation serves the purpose to keep you relaxed and stress-free when it comes to your dental procedure in the Carencro, LA office of Fontenot Family Dentistry. Nitrous oxide sedation involves a safe and effective sedative, mixed with oxygen, and filtered through a small mask that is then placed over the patient's nose. Through regular breathing methods, the mask then allows the nitrous oxide sedation agent to enter into the patient's system and thus relaxing them before the procedure begins. Nitrous oxide sedation is a common method of conscious sedation and will greatly enhance your visit to Fontenot Family Dentistry, should you suffer from even the smallest fear of the dentist. The affects of nitrous oxide sedation are immediately resolved as soon as the mask filtering the agent is removed from your nose. With nitrous oxide sedation you will experience a more relaxing, comfortable experience at Fontenot Family Dentistry!