Oral Sedation:

Oral sedation is one of the two types of sedation dentistry offered at Fontenot Family Dentistry. The purpose oral sedation serves is to calm a patient down and reduce anxiety and fear before a dental procedure is performed. Oral sedation involves the administration of oral sedative drugs such as a pill, to be taken a given amount of time before your procedure. Our team of professionals at Fontenot Family Dentistry will work with your specific needs when it comes to determining the correct amount of dosage of the drug is needed for your oral sedation. The dosage may vary depending on weight, height, gender and especially the type of procedure that our professionals are administering. Give yourself a piece of mind and more enjoyable visit to Fontenot Family Dentistry by choosing oral sedation for your next dental procedure in the Carencro, LA area!

Oral Sedation vs. IV Sedation:

IV Sedation puts the patient to sleep while for Oral Sedation the patient is awake, but most of the time the patient falls asleep.